WETT Inspections for Alliston 

WETT Inspections for site basic visual inspection,  for any wood burning appliance to the Alliston and New Tecumseth area.  This is now a standard requirement of most insurance companies.  WETT-Certified-Inspections-for-Wood-Burning-Appliances

WETT Inspections – FREE Consultation

Call us for Free Consultation about your appliance.  Understanding any changes required in your particular circumstance can usually be done over the phone.

Call prior to having a WETT Inspection and save yourself money.

WETT Inspections Solutions

If there are concerns, the Alliston Home Inspector will explain the identified problem and offer the best and most practical solution.  Once the identified concerns are corrected or if necessary, repaired by a WETT certified technician, we will send you your WETT Certified inspection report.

When a WETT Inspection is completed as part of Home Inspection the fee is only $100.00 per appliance.

Items inspected during WETT Inspection can include:

Chimney – looking for loose or unstable brick – structural damage

Cap – looking for cracks – drip edge in place

Smoke Chamber – check for angle – smooth finish

Damper – operate to check function

Floor Protection – measure to ensure adequate

Clearances to Combustibles – measure walls, distance to mantles, ceiling clearance

Heat Shield – verify correct materials and installation

Flue Pipes and Thimbles – visually inspect for proper clearance and installation

Appliance – visually inspect for defects or missing parts

WETT Inspection in Alliston

The Alliston WETT Inspector has been a Certified WETT Inspector for over 20 years.

Call Roger at 705-795-8255 or Toll Free to arrange your WETT Inspection today.  Wett Inspection Report is completed at time of inspection.

Email Roger any questions you may have about installing or inspecting your Woodburning Appliance.

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