Inspecting Your Roof by the Alliston Home Inspector

Inspecting Your Roof is one of the first items that the Alliston Home Inspector does when he starts the Home Inspection.  Through visual clues and the age of the home the age of your shingles can typically be determined within 1 to 2 years.   This is very important as the average life span of shingles is well under 20 years.

Inspecting Your Roof – Shingle Replacement can be Expensive

The typical price for a mid-sized bungalow to be re-shingled is approximately $8,000 dollars.   You can get a cheaper price but you will not get the same protection.  I have inspected many homes where the seller has hired the cheapest roofer to save money.  This is usually evident by bent and reused flashings and roof venting not upgraded.

A home inspector is not required to get up on the roof but he should at least get to the edge of the roof to make his observations. From the edge of the roof you can take pictures of the different planes of the roof. Are all the surfaces in good condition? When there is no major cracking or curling of shingles the roof covering is considered in good shape. We don’t identify the roof system just the roof covering because a roof system combines multiple components into that system. The home inspector will inspect all vents and stacks for proper flashings and seals.

Masonry Chimney Inspection

Masonry chimney’s are a common roof feature and have to be closely inspected to identify defects. The crown, or  mortar cap, of most older  chimney’s is typically always Chimney Crown is Crackedfound to be in poor condition.  The masonry crown is typically cracked.  The counter flashing on the chimney should be installed in a groove cut into the masonry a minimum of a 1/4 inch.  Step flashings should not be exposed, as rain can penetrate and reach the roof sheathing. Any water penetrating your chimney will usually cause damage to your chimney flue and exterior masonry joints. During the winter the continual freezing and thawing cycle will wreak havoc on your chimney if not properly installed and protected.

Most homeowners are unable to climb their roofs and not familiar with the requirements for sealing and patching masonry.  Any missing mortar and cracks should be filled with patching mortar or having bricks re-pointed.  If you use silicone caulking on a chimney ensure it is fire-rated.  Caulking is only a temporary fix that will typically only last about 6 months and you will still require a professional to repair cracks and mortar.

While inspecting your roof, a home inspector is not required to remove flue caps etc but you can usually see the top 6 feet of flue with the aid of flashlight.  Any cracks in flue or missing mortar would be considered a major problem and typically the home owner will be notified to hire a professional to make a complete inspection of chimney and make any required repairs.  Two professional opinions should be obtained by the homeowner, we recommend that professional who’s making any repairs to inspect the property, further in order to discover repair related problems that weren’t identified from the top of the flu.

Many builders do not install edge flashing on the roof.  The edge flashing prevents the water from running back under shingles causing water damage to sheathing.  This can Drip Edge Flashingcause plywood to de-laminate and start to rot.  The end result is the eventual replacement of your sheathing along the eave of your roof.  The Ontario Building Code does not specifically identify the requirement for a starter strip, so unless you ask your roofer to include it,  you probably won’t get one installed.

Understanding Home Inspection Basics is very valuable for anybody purchasing a new home.

The Alliston Home Inspector follows the Standards of Practice set out by InterNACHI

Your Home Inspector’s Knowledge and Training are two important areas which you should consider when choosing your Home Inspector.

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