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Choosing the Alliston Home Inspector for your purchase of a new home will give you “Peace of Mind” when making one your families largest investments.  The Knowledge Call the Alliston Home Inspector - Don't Buy a Money Pitand Experience plus Specialized Training ensure you have chosen the best Home Inspector possible.

Roger is often referred by Realtor’s for Century Home Inspections due to his experience and expertise.  The Alliston Home Inspector has written numerous articles on the complexity of Inspecting Century Homes.  Many times after I have completed an Inspection of a Century Home and found some hidden Asbestos, Galvanized Plumbing or Knob and Tube Wiring, I hear the Home Seller state ” I had a Home Inspection and none of this was identified in my report”.   When purchasing a Home you have to ensure your Home Inspector is fully qualified to perform the inspection your require and deserve.

Remember when Buying a Home it is Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware