Home Inspection Process

What is the Home Inspection Process?

The Home Inspection Process is the systematic evaluation of your homes exterior, interior, systems and components.  The Alliston Home Inspector understands landscaping and drainage and how it can affect your home.  His Knowledge, Training and Experience will give you “Peace of Mind” on your next home purchase.

How Long does the Home Inspection Process take?

The time of the Home inspections Process depends mainly on the size of your home, the overall condition, age of home and the number and quality of renovations.

You will be receiving a professional home inspection of your new home by a Certified Building Code Official.  A CBCO is a designation by the Ontario Building Officials Association after an individual has completed and passed the prerequisite Ontario Building Code Courses.

Roger Frost is also a Certified Master Inspector and has inspected over 7,500 homes in the past 15 years.Certified Master Inspector for Alliston On

Free Thermal Imaging is also included with every home inspection.  An Infrared Camera can detect missing insulation,  hidden moisture and electrical hot spots.

We also use one of the most sensitive moisture detectors commercially available,  carry a variety of electrical meters and testers and have 5 ladders available to ensure we can access any areas required.

Our Knowledge and Training allows us to determine whether a Building Permit or Electrical Permit was taken out for any renovations.  If you buy a home that has been illegally renovated, you are assuming responsibility for any problems or required repairs.Caveat Emptor – Let Buyer Beware

Did you know that any change or modification to a homes structure requires a Building Permit.  Depending on work being performed a Registered Designer or Architect maybe required to
supply Building Department with drawings detailing work.   The Building Department will schedule the required number of inspections when Permit is issued.  The Structural Design of your home can be a very important part of the home inspection process.

I always personally extend an invitation to prospective buyers to attend the home inspection.  This is a great opportunity to show them items of importance in their new home and an any deficiencies noted while conducting the home inspection.  Questions are always welcome, and we also remain available to you after the inspection for any questions you may have.

Some of the more common items included in an Alliston Home Inspection are:
Roof, chimney, flashings, valleys, penetrations, gutters & downspouts, eaves, soffits, siding & brick, windows & doors, air conditioner, decks, porches, garage & driveway, retaining walls, pools, hot tubs, foundation structure and property drainage.
Heating/cooling system, electrical system, plumbing system, hot water tank, windows & doors, walls, ceiling, floors, basement/foundation structure, attic, insulation & ventilation.

The Home Inspection Process - Alliston Home InspectorBased on our experience and home inspection training we are still the only Home Inspection company in Simcoe County to offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee –  Money Cheerfully Refunded.



If you have a wood burning appliance you can also save money by have your WETT Certified Inspection at the same time as your Home Inspection and saving $100.00.  That is Right!  WETT Inspection is only $50.00 as part of Home Inspection package.

If you are thinking of buying and installing a wood burning appliance and are looking for WETT Inspection requirements and/or installation manuals please visit Alliston WETT InspectionsAlliston WETT Insepections