Commercial Building Inspection

Commercial Building Inspection by Certified Building Code Official

The Alliston Home Inspector is committed to providing the best possible service to ensure your investment is structurally sound and financially viable.


 We have a comprehensive background in commercial building inspection. Our reports include but are not limited to roofing, building exteriors, structure, electrical, plumbing, mechanical and HVAC Systems, interiors, restrooms and, parking and walking surfaces, with recommendations for maintenance, repair, and component replacement as needed.

A commercial inspection is a comprehensive visual inspection of your building. The purpose of which is to identify material defects on the exterior, the interior and major systems of the unit.

Our training allows us to provide you with a detailed analysis based on many years of experience and training with the Ontario Building Code. Membership in the Ontario Building Officials Association also allows us to consult with Municipal Building Inspectors to resolve or explain any code interpretations.

Choose an experienced company for your next inspection. We have the following qualifications and experience to help you make an informed decision:

 Part 9 – Small buildingscommercial property inspections

Part 3 – Large buildings

7  Years in charge of Project Reviews

Former registered builder with HUDAC

12 Years experience on Home and Commercial Inspections

Thermal Imaging Inspection is included as part of your inspection at no extra charge

Check our Qualifications for detailed list of Professional Qualifications

What you can expect from your inspection is a comprehensive report based, but no limited to the following inspection items:

Exterior – Foundation, patios, driveways, slabs, walkways, grading, drainage, retaining walls, decks, posts, railings, siding, caulking, windows, panes, doors, eaves-soffits, fascia, trim, doors, garage doors, roofing, flashings, components.

Interior – Windows, walls, ceilings, doors, steps, stairways, railings, counters, cabinets, water penetration, fixtures, toilets, tubs, sinks, vanities.

Plumbing – Water pressure, fixtures, faucets, showers, sinks, spigots, visible pipes, supports, functional drainage, water heating equipment and safety, vents, leaks, hot & cold flow.

Electrical – Service panels, amperage, breakers, wiring type, conductor materials, connections, conditions, compatibility, plugs, switches, receptacles, ceiling fans, G.F.C.I. operation, general safety issues.

Heating – heat pumps, furnaces, wall heaters, chimneys, flues, exhaust fans, vents, pumps, ducts, dampers, filters.

Cooling (Air Conditioning) – Central systems, heat pumps, evaporative coolers, air handler fans, operating controls, thermostat conditions, temperature split, filter conditions, general external conditions.

Roofing – Cover material type, surface conditions, flashings, valley seams, debris, drainage, ridges, hips, ventilation, penetrations, skylights, chimneys, turbine vents, gable vents.

Attic – Insulation type, clearances, framing, trusses, roof sheathing, ducting, wiring, signs of leaks.

We have one of the most extensive inspection reports available. We provide between 40 to 60 pictures of your building to ensure that you can relate to the exact problem identified in your report. We go over every defect with the client at the time of the inspection and then generate a report that is both graphic and detailed in its scope. The days of simple check list reports is quickly coming to an end. As the horse and buggy gave way to the automobile, the savy home buyer is opting for a detailed professional report over the “old checklist” delivered in a binder full of filler information.

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