Expensive Home Defects to watch for

Aluminum Wiring

If your new home has aluminum wiring it can be difficult to obtain a home insurance policy.  Many insurance companies will not take on risk due to many fires that have been caused by aluminum wiring.  Aluminum wiring is susceptible to oxidization which can lead to arcing and creation of heat.  Cold creep is a term used to describe the reaction of aluminum when heated.   The aluminum tends to move away from heat source which creates a larger gap and more electrical arcing, which can lead to an overheating and eventual fire.

Replacing all the electrical wiring in a home can be very labour intensive and may require removal of drywall and other finishes.   Many times a home that has aluminum wiring will have all the accessible wires changed to copper while leaving in place any hard to reach circuits.  The Alliston Home Inspector will check inside your main panel and will also open up some random junction boxes if aluminum wiring is suspected.

Galvanized Plumbing

Most insurance companies will not insure a home with galvanized plumbing because it is well past its predicted life span.   Galvanized plumbing can corrode from the inside making it very difficult to determine condition of pipe.  Many times the galvanized plumbing is removed where possible but can still be in use in service chases between floors where it is very difficult and expensive to remove.  Have a professional home inspection can usually identify any galvanized plumbing in your new home if it is visible in any areas.  View Plumbing Deficiencies


Asbestos used to be the wonder product back in the fifties.  It was used in drywall, floor tile, ceiling tile and in many types of insulation.  Removing asbestos is very expensive and involves setting up decontamination and clean zones in the home.  All asbestos removed has to be tagged and disposed of at an approved waste site.  If you are thinking about removing the asbestos yourself, remember contractors have some of the highest rates of asbestos related disease – for a reason!  Many times when inspecting older homes I have found asbestos on heat ducts between the floors.  The visible asbestos has been removed and an unsuspecting buyer would now own a home with an asbestos problem. Call the Alliston Home Inspector if you have any questions regarding asbestos.

Knob & Tube Wiring

Knob and Tube wiring is still in use in many older homes.  While not illegal, it can be in poor condition and could be a risk to building occupants.  Most home insurance companies will not insure a home with knob and tube wiring installed.  Many times an older home will have most of the knob and tube wiring removed but often there may be a circuit or two that is overlooked or ignored due to accessibility.  I was inspecting an older buildings attic and was going to lift myself up and I looked down and found two knob and tube circuits running along the edge of the attic hatch support,  that was a close call.  Many attics still contain knob and tube wiring and some even have had new romex cables attached and used to feed upper floor electrical circuits.  View Electrical Deficiencies

Water Testing

Did you know that if you are buying a rural property with a well that a typical water potability test done by your Realtor will not detect feces in the water if there is a UV light and Cartridge Filter installed.  The water must be collected prior to any water treatment devices such as softeners, carbon filters, reverse osmosis units and ceramic filters. Bypass, remove or disconnect these devices to ensure that the sample is taken before the water enters these treatment devices.  If your water is being tested from a device located after your filtering system, then you are just wasting your time.

WETT Inspection

The Alliston Home inspector has been providing WETT Inspection services to Alliston and New Tecumseth for over 15 years.  Save money by taking advantage of $100.00 discount when booking Home Inspection and WETT inspection at same time.   Replacing a chimney or non-compliance wood stove can be very expensive.  Find any deficiencies prior to purchasing your home.  View WETT Inspection Deficiencies

Why you need a Home Inspection

When buying a home protect your family and your interests from Expensive Home Defects by calling the Alliston Home Inspector.

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