Plumbing Defect Picture from Home Inspections

Plumbing defects can greatly affect how you live in your home.  Some of the issues that improper plumbing can cause are:  leaks, smell, noisy drains, moisture and mould.

Venting is an important part of plumbing installation and many Do It Yourself home owners often make mistakes.  Except for an unfinished basement all your plumbing is concealed in wall and service chases.   Repairing incorrectly installed plumbing drains and vents can eat up a lot of money in a hurry.  Sewer gas entering your home is unpleasant and also unsafe.  Many times home owners will just tap into a drain line without concerning themselves with proper traps.

Some banks are now asking for specific brand of Pex Plumbing installed in your home.  TD Bank for example has a list of 5 types of Pex Plumbing that they will not insure.  Although you have to do your own research to determine what Pex you have and what its problems are, there has been some issues with Kitec products.  Kitec was sold under various brand names, including Kitec, PlumbBetter, IPEX, AQUA, WARMRITE, Kitec XPA, AmbioComfort, XPA, KERR Controls and Plomberie Amelioree.  Again do your own due diligence.

Many insurance companies are asking their clients if they have a Sewer Backwater Valve installed in their home.  Some cities now have by-laws requiring all new home to have one installed.

Older homes can also present a lot of plumbing issues that would not be present in a newer home.  Old sewer lines maybe compromised by tree roots.  Some home owner will invest in video drain service to view drain to lot line to ensure there is no potential for blockage or expensive drain line replacement.

Galvanized plumbing can also be found in older homes.  Many insurance companies will not insure a home with galvanized plumbing because it is well beyond it expected service life.