Home Inspection Hours

Home Inspection Hours – The Alliston Home Inspector is open from 7 am to 7 pm,  7 days a week

On average we perform 2 Residential Home Inspections every day.  Saturday and Sunday we are typically available for morning inspections for people who cannot get away from work during the week.

Home Inspection Hours – Choose your own Time for Inspection

Call Roger today to make arrangement for your Professional Home Inspection at 705-795-8255 or Toll Free at 888-818-8608

WETT Certified Inspections for Wood Burning Appliances

Alliston Certified WETT Inspector

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If you have a Wood Burning Appliance your Insurance Company will most likely require you to have it inspected by a WETT Certified Inspector.

We provide WETT Certified Inspections for only $100.00 when included as part of Home Inspection.  The Alliston Home Inspector has over 15 years experience as a WETT Certified Inspector.

Free Thermal Imaging is provided as part of every Home Inspection.   Using an Infrared Camera we can find missing insulation, hidden moisture and electrical hot spots.

Home Inspection Guarantee
Our Iron Clad Guarantee is good for 30 days after you move into your new home.  This gives you ample time to familiarize yourself with all your homes systems and components.

Common Home Inspection Defects
Read about the Common Deficiencies found over and over again during home inspections.   Look around your home and see how many you have!

Home Inspection Basics
Understanding the Basics of a Home Inspection can help you understand and get more out of your Home Inspection.