Free Thermal Imaging Inspection – with every inspection

Your Free Thermal Imaging inspection allows us to see defects such as missing insulation, hidden wet areas and hot spots that the average home inspection can miss. Thermal Imaging cameras used to be too expensive an item for the home inspection industry but recent technology and price drops has allowed the our company to invest in this latest technology for the benefit of our clients. Providing Thermal Imaging as part of our Residential and Inspection service provides our clients with services not available from our competitors. Whether inspecting a home or business our training and expertise makes the Alliston Home Inspector your logical choice to protect your investment.

Detecting Moisture Using Infrared Camera

Experience and having the right conditions allows an Infrared Camera to identify the following issues:  We verify any condition found with moisture meter, temperature reading and visual conformation.

  • Moisture behind a walls, ceilings and under floors

    Free Thermal Imaging Inspection - Alliston Home Inspector

    Free Thermal Imaging Inspection

  • Cold Air Leaks in building envelope
  • Lack of or poorly installed insulation
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Overheating Electrical Components
  • Pests and rodents in the attic and crawl space
  • Structural problems, such as missing or damaged studs

The Alliston Home Inspector provides FREE Thermal Imaging Inspection on every home inspection.

We do not leave any tools in the box in hopes of collecting another “fee”.

Thermal Imaging is a highly sophisticated and advanced technology used to detect infrared energy waves which are outside of our visible human light spectrum.  As a Home Inspection is confined to “visual inspection only”,  having a tool which can inspect material behind walls and ceiling is a huge benefit to the customer.

Your Free Thermal Imaging inspection is just another Feature with our Risk Free Home Inspection Service.  Ensure your Peace of Mind by contacting us for your next home purchase.

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