What to Expect from your Home Inspection

What to Expect from Your Home Inspection?

Over 7,500 Professional Home Inspections

Often home inspection clients have pre-conceived ideas of what a home inspection should entail. Usually these ideas are influenced by friends, relatives and TV programs; such as Holmes on Homes.

A good home inspector will always explain to their clients that a home inspection is a visual, not a technically exhaustive process. Because the home inspection is usually done before the sale, your inspector cannot perform any destructive or invasive investigations.

Most inspections are ‘Pre-Purchase’ Inspections meaning the client has hired an inspector to evaluate the home before they remove the home inspection condition and complete the sale. Attending the home Inspection is very important for the buyer, often it is the very first good look they are getting at their prospective new home.

Even though it is a visual inspection only, a good inspector has the knowledge and tools to determine the condition of the systems within the home.  This is where Knowledge and Experience are invaluable.  The Alliston Home inspector has performed over 7,500 home inspections,  was a registered builder with HUDAC and is a Certified Building Code Official with the Ontario Building Officials Association.

A good home inspector also has the appropriate knowledge and training and should be a member of a recognized inspection association.  The experienced home inspectors will also have additional certifications from government or recognized training facilities. Just having a local college course taken at night is not what most people would consider as adequate training to be inspecting properties worth over a million dollars.

A home inspector describes the condition of the home at the time of inspection but cannot guarantee the future condition, efficiency or life expectancy of the house systems or components. He or she should not offer you a quote on the cost of repairing any deficiencies or give you a referral. You want your inspector to be arms-length from the buying process at all time.

I consider myself to be very fortunate not to depend on anybody for any business.  Majority of my business comes from Referrals and my own websites.  My whole focus is on my clients welfare concerning purchase of home.  I have Realtor’s who call me and I never take their business.  If they do not meet my expectations of someone who I would not want representing a good friend or my parents, then I will not inspect a property for them.

Anybody buying a home should hire their own home inspector.  Do a little research online and find the questions you want to ask.  Call a number of inspectors and get a feel for their knowledge and experience.   Check their website for honesty for how long they have been inspecting homes.  The Alliston Home Inspector has personally written over 400 articles on Home Inspections, Century Homes Inspection and Inspection Deficiencies.

Call to discuss your next purchase or you maybe you just require some assistance.

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