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Roger is a Certified Building Code Official and a Certified Master Inspector.  His Experience and Knowledge will allow you to make your next purchase based on the actual condition of the property.  Enjoy Peace of Mind having your New Home Inspected by a seasoned veteran with over 15 years of home inspection experience.

Why Choose the New Tecumseth Home Inspector?

Roger Frost is a Professional Certified Home Inspector who is trained to perform a visual, unbiased Home Inspections. He has been providing Professional Residential Inspection services to the Simcoe County area for the past 15 years. He will assess the home from roof to foundation to identify safety issues and describe the current conditions of the home at the time of the inspection. With over 8,000 residential inspections You can benefit from our Knowledge and Experience when investing. The general rule is that a seller isn’t obligated to disclose defects that are visible to a buyer. If deficiencies are not discovered prior to closing it is very difficult to have repairs made, or money refunded. We offer FREE Thermal Imaging as part of our inspection package, helping identify electrical hot spots, missing insulation and concealed moisture issues.

A home inspection in a visual, non-invasive inspection of all the major systems of your home. Starting at the exterior, we climb your roof, evaluate shingles, cladding, landscaping, decks, drainage systems and landscaping. We then start in your basement, checking all systems, running all fixtures, operating doors and windows, testing electrical outlets and end up in your attic.  Choosing the right Type of Home Inspection is important.

Our computer generated report then clearly sets out all deficiencies and maintenance requirements for your property.  Roger will walk you step-by-step through significant findings.

With over 18 years experience, over 8,000 residential inspections he has the Experience, Knowledge and Education to offer you a 100% Guaranteed Inspection. As a potential purchaser you can put our training and experience to work for you when purchasing a new property. Enjoy a Risk Free Home Inspection when you hire Roger Frost. Call anytime for phone consultation for Information about your home or your home inspection.

We provide FREE follow up consultation. We are only a phone call away! 705-795-8255

Roger is Certified Home Inspector who is trained to perform a visual, unbiased Home Inspection in accordance with our Standards of Practice. During your Home Inspection he will walk you step-by-step through all significant findings and maintenance issues.

When the assessment of your new home is completed your will be provided with a computer generated report complete with pictures detailing any deficiency and a commentary on the solution to problem.

I encourage you to attend the Home Inspection or at least the final portion of the Home Inspection. This allows both of us to walk through the house together while pointing out findings and explaining the different elements of the report.  Read our Details of Inspection page to fully understand the scope of your inspection.

The best way to protect your investment is to know and understand the condition of the home you are buying. The following items are part of what is inspected:

Exterior: Roof, chimney, flashings, valleys, penetrations, gutters & downspouts, eaves, soffits, siding & brick, windows & doors, air conditioner, decks, porches, garage & driveway, foundation structure and property drainage.


Interior: Heating/cooling system, electrical system, plumbing system, hot water tank, windows & doors, walls, ceiling, floors, basement/foundation structure, attic, insulation & ventilation.


Experience & Knowledge = Peace of Mind

Our companies objective is to provide our client with a clear and concise report detailing the condition of your property.  Most of our clients come from referrals and we are not aligned with any Realtors.  When you hire the Alliston Home Inspector you are guaranteed to receive a report that is unbiased and details the condition of property, whether Good or Bad, at the time of the inspection.  Our only concern when inspecting your home is to provide you with all the information you require to make an informed decision based on our observations and provided to you in our report.

Inspection Experience

15 Years as Home Inspector
7 Years in Charge of Project Reviews
Registered Builder with HUDAC
30 Years inspecting with Fire Dept
Over 7500 Home Inspections
Residential Inspections
Apartment Buildings
Industrial Buildings


Certified Building Code Official
Certified Master Inspector
WETT Certified for Wood Burning Appliances
Mould Testing
Air Quality Assessments
Asbestos Testing
Free Thermal Imaging Scan

Inspection Services

Home Buyers Inspection
Pre-Sale Inspection
PDI inspection
Tarion Warranty Inspection
Asbestos Inspection
Century Home Inspections
Commercial Building Inspections

Money Back Guarantee

Our Knowledge and Experience allows to offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on all our inspections. This Guarantee is good for 30 days after you take possession of your new property. We are proud to offer this IRON CLAD GUARANTEE as proof of the Quality of our Home Inspection which enables you to put your Trust in our Company

WETT Inspections

  • Only $100.00 with home inspection
  • All wood burning appliances
  • Site Basic Insurance Inspections
  • Wood Stoves and Fireplaces
  • Pellet burning appliances
  • Inspections completed within 48 hr.
  • Report issued at time of inspection.
  • WETT inspections 7 days a week.

Safety in Your Home

Valuable Home Safety Tips brought to you by The Alliston Home Inspector, a Certified Master Inspector with over 7500 Home Inspections.
Keep you and your family safe with these valuable tips compiled by Certified Master Inspector contributions.
Tips from Child Safety to Fire Safety.