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If you heat your home with a wood burning appliance, then you are likely to need an inspection of your entire wood burning system, done by a W.E.T.T. certified inspector. Most insurance companies now require these inspections prior to issuing a home insurance policy.

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Can I get a WETT inspection or WETT certificate?

There is no such thing as a WETT inspection, nor can any appliance be WETT certified, these are common misconceptions. The client is issued a report based on applicable codes and standards by a WETT Certified Inspector.

The Barrie WETT Inspector provides same day inspections on wood burning appliances located in Barrie ON.  Other locations are inspected typically within 48 hours of WETT Inspection request.Barrie WETT Inspection

Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. (WETT Inc.) is a non-profit training and education association managed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by holders of valid WETT certificates. Through its administrative designate, WETT Inc. functions as the national registrar of the WETT program. Through professional training and public education, WETT Inc. promotes the safe and effective use of wood-burning systems in Canada.

Prior to booking a WETT Inspection it would be wise to inspect your stove for obvious defects.  The most important question is whether your appliance is Certified or not.  On the back of your appliance or in your installation manual you will find a tag or sticker from Testing Agency, which identifies requirements for installing appliance.  The most common accredited laboratories are CSA, Underwriters Laboratory (ULC), Warnock-Hersey, and OMNI testing Laboratories. Their sticker on the back of appliance specifies the required clearances around the stove that must be complied with.  Read about Reducing Clearances to Combustibles

Most clients are unaware that just having a brick wall behind their appliance does not mean that the wall is considered non-combustible.  If the brick wall is not installed in accordance with the installation requirements of heat shields, the brick simply does not count for anything, you simply measure to wall behind brick to find your distance to combustibles.

Another common area of concern is the Floor Protection required for Wood Stove.   The floor protection is typically for ember protection. If your stove is certified  you need to have continuous, non-combustible flooring under your appliance, extending 8” beyond it at the rear and sides and extending 18” in front of the wood loading door.


Your WETT Inspection will typically include the following items:

  • Chimney and CapDamaged Chimney and Clay Flue Tile
  • Chimney Liner  or Clay Flue Tiles   (   Chimney must be clean to inspect )
  • Smoke Chamber  ( Proper sealing with no visible cracks )
  • Wood Stove or Fireplace Damper
  • Firebox and Firebrick Linings  ( Some are manufactured or fire brick )
  • Hearth and Floor Protection   ( 18 inches in front of door and 8 inches to side )
  • Combustible Mantle Clearance –  Clearance to combustible walls and ceiling
  • Construction of any heat shielding – must comply with CSA Standards
  • Flue Pipe Installation and Clearances
  • Chimney Foundations and Condition of Masonry
  • Overall Condition of Fireplace, Wood Stove, Pellet Stove and Chimney

Note: Some insurance companies will not insure a properly installed wood stove if it is not Certified by a Listed Testing Agency.   Warnock Hersery, ULC, UL  are some of the more common ones.

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Barrie WETT Certified Inspections

Understanding the Basics of a Home Inspection can make your Home Purchase Safer.

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